Dracula (1931) - Rescored


 From January until June of 2009 Kostika Çollaku completed his thesis composition for his school composing the soundtrack for classic movie Dracula – 1931 by Tod Browning. The movie haven’t original score, except the beginning titles were it was the Swan Lake by P.I. Tchaikovsky.

Kostika Çollaku said about his composition:

My goal was to update the movie through the music. I didn’t want to compose a classic background horror music. Throughout the procedure of composition I had in mind of how a contemporary man living in 2009 sees the film which is already 80 years old. I used a technique in my composition inspired by a well-known cinema technique. In cinema we have various camera shots like the Mid-Shot, the Wide-Shot the Close-Up, the Extreme Close-Up and more which shows the main character or the actors involving in the movie from a specific angle, there is one more well-known shot angle thought which is called the Bird Eye View and the purpose is for the viewer to see from the eyes of a bird or an unknown observer that is not involving in the movie at all, like a third eye. So I decided to fit this idea in my composition, getting away from the two basic techniques in composing for movies.

Composer: Kostika Çollaku
Solo Soprano: Eleni Komni
Cello: Victor Voulgaropoulos
Vocals: Eleni Iosifidi, Tatiana Triantafillidou, Xristina Sarakanidou
Bass: Aggelos Zorzovilis

All the pieces was composed, record and produced by Kostika Çollaku.
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