Fearless Bird

Fearless Bird is the second song that belongs in the circle of songs composed by Kostika Çollaku, for selected performers.

Solo Soprano: Maria Taxidou
Drawings: Ifigeneia Mavridou
Music Composition, Lyrics and Piano: Kostika Çollaku 


As we suffer the absence of light, 
in the darkness devided we stand. 
Our life like a long dark tunnel 
is waiting for us to be crossed. 

Fly my fearless bird, 
go to the other side 
and then fly back 
to tell me what you saw. 

I have lost my faith, 
for the answer and light. 
My years of longing are over though, 
I see a white spot in the sky. 

Come to me my bird 
and give me hope. 
You look so calm, 
but why are you bleeding? 

The recording took place at studio "Polytropon", Thessaloniki 
Photographer: George Iliopoulos, Rainbow Studios

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