Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is a set of four songs for voice and piano.

I. SPRING (through the eyes of a depresed man) 
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II. SUMMER (through the eyes of a widow)

Every time the wind blows
Τhe wheat ears are dancing
Τo the rhythm of the wind
Every time I watched you dream
As you were looking at the wheat
But where you are now there is no wheat,
Only rotting ground and silence.

III. AUTUMN (through the eyes of a blind man)

The golden leaves
Are scattered on the wet ground
I hear them every time they crumble under my feet.
I smell the rain that has wet the ground
And feel some raindrops on my face
Soon it will be raining harder
I feel a cloud approaching.

IV. WINTER (through the eyes of a schizophrenic)

I was gazing outside my window,
when I saw you tasting the snow.
Despite the distance
I heard you whisper
You told me it was sweet
Like sugar only colder

Suddenly you disappeared!
The moment that I blinked
you were gone.
It's so cold out there
where are you?

I wish I hadn't blinked.
If only I could hold your hands.
Surely they are as cold as mine.

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